• Coaching & Supervision
    During 4 to 8 sessions lasting 1,5 hours you work on your learning goals in order to optimize your personal choices and behavior.
  • Executive Coaching
    For leaders, administrators, directors and other executives who want an experienced and expert sounding board for their personal and professional performance.
  • Seminars & Workshops
    In a short period of time you will get to know our developmental philosophy on the development of people in organizations. Our seminar provide substantive and practical inspiration.
  • Personal Empowerment Course
    Two group training sessions focused on individuals and two individual coaching sessions. You are given insights and practical tools that you can use immediately to enrich your work.
  • Team Empowerment
    Would you like your team to cooperate and communicate better, with more spirit? We use our holistic Team Empowerment™ model to support the change process in teams with more energy, connection and effectiveness.
  • Personal Leadership
    Managing yourself and your work and inspired and effective performance are covered in ‘Personal Leadership’. Your performance and professional longevity improve, and this benefits the organization.
  • Inspiration Days ‘Light at work’
    An adventurous journey for former participants who desire new clarity, depth and lightness in their work and lives.
  • Tailormade programs
    Depending on the request, we develop and facilitate a tailor-made seminar, training course or other program.
  • LifeCoaching
    For everyone who wants to give a boost to ones life in 1 till max.4 power sessions of 2 hours. Deepening, strong impact and enriching.