Team Empowerment

Appropriate for practical situations, got to the point quickly
Tips for independent management of team development
The pre-set goals were clearly achieved, results are clearly noticeable

Very positive, openness achieved quickly
Facilitation had integrity and was respectful

For who?
For new teams, project teams, management teams and teams in transition that wish to reinforce their communication, cooperation and team spirit. The size of the teams varies from 6 to approximately 20 members.

The reinforcement of the cooperation, communication and team spirit in order to achieve an optimum team result.

Possible subjects are:
– Team development and team roles
– Effective team consultation and transparent team communication
– Group dynamics and interpersonal themes
– Vision development
– Enhancing team results

An individual intake interview is held with each team member in order to gain a clear impression of what is going on in the team. All members receive an anonymous report. This is how everyone is made aware of what is actually happening in the team. A unique Team Empowerment™ model is then used to study what can strengthen the team.

The tailor-made program includes short introductions that focus on the themes and questions in the team. And various group exercises and exchanges bring team spirit to life. A number of concrete actions are also agreed in order to boost subsequent team results. There is often a follow-up several weeks after the first team day(s) in order to monitor progress. The team journey is completed with a written evaluation that is sent to the principal as an anonymous report.

Practical information
Our experience
We have facilitated a great many teams in the last 15 years. New teams, experienced project and management teams and Works Councils. Our experience has enabled us to develop the unique Team Empowerment™ model. This model that highlights what is actually happening in a team and what can be strengthened. We use this as a basis on which to offer a tailor-made program that enhances the effectiveness of the team. If you wish, you can ask us for references. Would you like to know more about the senior facilitators? Click here.

Dates & location
The dates and location are determined in consultation with the principal.

More info
Send an e-mail to or call 072 – 581 50 20, and we will contact you. In a brief telephone conversation we will jointly determine whether an orientation interview would be useful. You can also request a (digital) brochure.

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