Retreat Inner Nature

A completely new vision of my world. Phenomenal!
Renewed energy, deepening and confidence
Air and space, as if the windows are open
Powerful and sincere exercises, straight to the heart of the matter
Extremely well harmonized range of life visions,  perspectives and methods
Absolutely exceptional! Intensive, good structure, playful elements and intense moments
The content is innovative, creative and exceptionally effective, with practical tips
The program has an enormous impact

For who?
The ‘Inner Nature’ retreat is for anyone who wishes to take the time and distance to examine their professional and private life.  People who wish to gain inspiration for their life or career and who want to experience authentic strength and new energy.

Clarifying important life and career choices. Gaining insight and inspiration in relation to the motivations that drive your performance. Recharging the battery and experiencing new vitality. After five days you return refreshed and inspired, ready to take new steps.

The Retreat consists of a free of charge intake interview and a 5-day retreat on a magnificent country estate in the Ardennes. At the Retreat you discover how your ego can help you or sometimes precisely keep you away from your own individuality. You experience how you can use your ego and core to be better able act and choose on the basis of your own authentic strength.

There is a varied program with short, inspiring introductions, practical experience exercises (both individual and in groups), exchange of information and space for silence and reflection. We make use of different international philosophies, concepts and methods that support your professional and personal development, including: psychology of selves, sensory awareness, mindfulness, belief system research, personal vision development, visualization, energy awareness, exchanges and mini coaching sessions. Naturally, there are a great many new insights and exercises based on our book ‘Rijkdom is gratis!’ .

The program takes place at a natural location. There is a 5-hour program during each day. There is no program in the evening. This is when you can take a walk in the forest, relax on the terrace by the lake or sit by a crackling open hearth.

Practical information
Our experience
We have facilitated retreats abroad for the last 8 years, primarily for professionals, managers, leaders and others who want to increase their personal development with more empowerment, balance and vitality as a result.

Dates & Location
The retreat take place in a  location in the midst of a natural environment.  The Retreat starts on saturday afternoon 17.oo PM and will end at Thursday afternoon 12.00 PM. Dates will be given in due time. If you can organize a group of at least 10 participants, you will be rewarded with no participant fee.

More info
Send an e-mail to or call 072 – 581 50 20, and we will contact you. You can request a (digital) brochure from us or apply for an intake interview that is free of charge and obligation.


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