Personal Leadership

Very useful – by far best module up to now
Everything falls into place, the parts of the puzzle came together
Very good content
It will significantly influence my performance in a positive way
It gives me guidelines on how to deal with goals/challenges

New starting point, new insights and actual change, with visible results
Outstanding. Down to earth
I have learned to take control

For who
The Personal Leadership in-company training is intended especially for experienced managers, leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and professionals who are graduates of higher education and operate at that level.

Reinforcing your personal strength and equilibrium. This makes you more effective, balanced, energetic and inspired in your personal and professional life.

Possible subjects are:
– Effective management and control of yourself
– Making balanced choices in your daily life
– Becoming aware of your own behavior and its effect on others
– Greater awareness when managing your energy and balance (including between work and personal life)
– Discovering inner sources of inspiration and self-management techniques

Personal and professional learning goals are at the core of the training. The training course consists of a number of days, either successive or spread over time. You are given various substantive insights and interactive exercises  that make a noticeable contribution to your learning goals. The journey ends with a written evaluation.

Practical information
Our experience
We have organized tens of in-company Personal Leadership and Self-Management  courses in the last 15 years. Five of these years were international. This experience has enabled us to make valuable changes, boosting the quality still further. You can request references from us if you wish.

Dates & location
The dates and location are determined in consultation with the principal.

More info
Send an e-mail to or call 072 – 581 50 20, and we will contact you. In a brief telephone conversation we will jointly determine whether an orientation interview would be useful. You can also request a (digital) brochure.

More Services
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    Two group training sessions focused on individuals and two individual coaching sessions. You are given insights and practical tools that you can use immediately to enrich your work.
  • Retreat Inner Nature
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  • Inspiration Days ‘Light at work’
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