Personal Empowerment Course

More than expected, life-changing in some ways. Insights that you had always been searching for. P&O ADVISOR, MINISTRY OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS AND EMPLOYMENT

I regard the personal empowerment course as the ‘mother’ of all my training programs. A quest for your authenticity. PROGRAMME MANAGER, DSM

I particularly liked the individual coaching sessions, working in small groups, concrete examples and the atmosphere in the group. PARTNER, KPMG

A must for a great many managers. If you do not know yourself, how can you manage anybody else! Very practical and effective. SENIOR PURCHASE MANAGER, ABN AMRO BANK


For who?
This personal empowerment course is for experienced managers, leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and professionals who are graduates of higher education or operate at this level and have a minimum of seven years work experience. The maximum number of participants is 12.

The reinforcement of your personal strengths and equilibrium, which makes you more effective, balanced, energetic and inspired in your personal and professional life.

•             Enhancement of personal and professional strengths
•             New clarity and focus
•             Reinforcement of balance
•             Renewed energy, inspiration and vitality
•             More effective management of yourself, the organization or clients


The journey starts with a personal orientation interview (free of charge) with one of the two facilitators in order to ascertain whether the personal empowerment course is appropriate for your specific wishes and situation. Your personal goals are brought into sharp focus and you are given a clear idea of what you can expect. If you decide to participate you will receive a registration form and an assignment as preparation for the personal empowerment course.

Your personal and professional learning goals and your practical situation are the focus of the personal empowerment course. The course consists of two group training sessions (each lasting two days and one evening) and two individual coaching sessions. It is precisely the alternation of the training and coaching sessions that creates extra depth and a long-lasting result. The duration of the personal empowerment course is approximately three months.

During the personal empowerment course you receive insights and (interactive) practical exercises that make a noticeable contribution to your learning goals. We make use of various accessible, innovative and psychological methods that support your professional and personal development, including:  
•             voice dialogue
•             focusing
•             rational emotive management
•             belief systems research
•             energy management
•             mindfulness
•             imaging exercises
•             physical exercises
•             feedback
•             practical cases and assignments

Training 1: Outside in – Working from your core
It is precisely participation in a group that gives you more insight into the effect of your behavior on others. You discover what drives you (in your ego and soul) and how you can make new choices in this regard. You learn how to work with your core and a healthy dose of ego. This highlights your uniqueness, passion and talents. Besides various exercises, you will be given insights and tips that you can use immediately in your personal and professional life.

Training 2: Inside out –   Optimum performance in your work environment
In this training course you discover how you can use your personal strengths to manage others effectively. Whether they are co-workers, clients or suppliers. You experience how your patterns of response, judgements and limits can help or hinder you and discover new options. You reinforce your awareness of your surroundings and harmonization with others, which gives your added value more spin-off.

Individual Coaching sessions
During two personal coaching sessions (each lasting 1.5 hours) there are opportunities to provide feedback on your learning goals, practical experiences and assignments. Insights are brought into sharper focus and practical tips are provided. There is also space for deepening and concrete actions. Work situations in the near future are also studied in detail, which enables you to apply what you have learned in practice.

Practical information
We have facilitated 28 personal empowerment courses in the last 14 years. We make constant adjustments in order to further enhance the quality of the course. For example, a significant portion of the 28th personal empowerment course has been updated. Would you like to know more about the two facilitators, click here.

Dates & location
Here are the dates of the upcoming personal empowerment courses:
Course 29/  Spring 2016
Training 1)  Thurs. 21and Fri. 22 April
Training 2) Thurs. 26 and Fri. 27 May

The group training sessions take place at an external conference resort. The intake interview and the two personal coaching sessions take place at a different location.

€ 2.750 Participation in the personal empowerment course, including training materials and the book ‘Rijkdom is gratis!’(Wealth for free!)
All abovementioned prices exclude VAT and accommodation.

More info
Send a mail to or call 072 – 581 50 20, and we will contact you. You can also request a (digital) brochure from us. The personal empowerment course is preceded by an intake interview (free of charge).


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