LifeCoaching face-to-face or online

For who
LifeCoaching is for everyone who wants to give a boost in one’s life in 1 till 4 separate powerful 2-hours-session. Wether it’s about happiness, relationships, self-confidence, work/life balance, vitality or life choices.

The reinforcement of your personal strengths, balance and vitality.

Possible subjects are:
– Enhancing your personal strengths
– Discovering your (hidden) talents
– Better management of yourself
– Taking well balanced decisions
– Effective handling of opportunities and obstacles for yourself and others
– Inner peace
– Relationships
– Creativity
– Life compass
– Soulfulness
– Selfconfidence, selfdignity, selfrespect
– Emotional, mental and spiritual healing
– Creation of more balance between work and private life

During the first session we work with you to formulate your personal focus and points of attention. These individual goals and your specific practical situations are at the core of the coaching process. These coaching sessions will give you substantive insights and exercises that are appropriate for your focus. We use different methods for this, such as psychology of selves & voice dialogue, belief system research, biography work, vision development, mindfulness, practical cases, role-play and practical assignments.
During 1 to 4 (max) coaching sessions lasting 2 hours each, you work on your learning goals in order to optimize your personal life.

If you want t save time and travel, you can receive online coaching as well.

Practical information
Senior coaches
We have more than 20 years experience as senior coaches and are registered at the Dutch Institute of Psychologists.

Dates & location
The dates are determined in close consultation with the participant.

Coaching from abroad

If we are traveling around the world for inspiration, we are available for online coaching! Send us an email and we’ll make an appointment in the short term: of

More info
Send an e-mail to or call 072 – 581 50 20, and we will contact you. In a short telephone conversation we will discuss with you whether an intake interview would be useful. You can also request a (digital) brochure from us.

More Services
  • Public Speaking
    In 1 or 2 hours you will receive inspiration about life themes and choices that will give new perspectives on living.
  • Seminars & Workshops
    In a short period of time you will get to know our developmental philosophy on the development of people in organizations. Our seminar provide substantive and practical inspiration.
  • Personal Empowerment Course
    Two group training sessions focused on individuals and two individual coaching sessions. You are given insights and practical tools that you can use immediately to enrich your work.