BOOK working title ‘Wealth for Free!’

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Increased effectiveness at work
– New vitality and balance
– Blossoming talent
– Renewed meaning of life and work
– True connection with yourself, others and the world around you
This book gives you all of that and more!

By becoming aware of the influence of your ego, soul and spirit in a very practical way. With this new awareness you’ll make new choices that will enrich your work as well as your private life. This book offers  refreshing insights, recognizable real-life cases, innovative models, cartoons and practical exercises. It will help you to apply new consciousness in your daily work and life. By turning on a new light upon yourself, you’ll definitely experience true ‘WEALTH FOR FREE!

How ego, soul and spirit secretly influence your daily work and private life
– How you can gain clarity about yourself and make new choices
– How ego helps and blocks you
– How you can ignite your own soul flame
– How you get truly connected with yourself, others and the world around you
– How your ego, soul and spirit influence your leadership, communication, perception on happiness and much more
– How you can make the transition towards living your full potential
– How organizations can plug in to new consciousness
– How we can share that wealth of new consciousness

‘Wealth for Free!’ (current working title) inspires you to get more out of your work and life. This book clarifies how you can find richness in yourself. You discover how your ego can be your friend or enemy and how you can strengthen your passion. You also learn how to connect with yourself and others in an authentic and effective manner, both at work and in your personal life. You experience more vitality, make clear choices and are more effective at work. This book contains a refreshing developmental philosophy, recognizable practical cases, various exercises and useful tips for your life and career.

The authors
Martin Thoolen and Wendy Hobbelink are the founders of Circumference. They have more than 25 years of (inter)national experience in the development and facilitation of unique journeys for organizations, teams and individuals. They are frequently traveling around the world to collect and share new inspirations. Both from psychological as well as spiritual and indigenous viewpoints. And translate them into tools you can apply in daily life and work.







CEO Netherlands GDF SUEZ Energy NV

“Fresh, realistic and pragmatic vision of our being. Evocative examples taken from real situations. A brief and powerful tool that acts as a travel guide for everyday situations! Accessible and applicable to a range of issues: work, private, for yourself or in relation to others (teams, co-workers), in good and less good times, etc.”

Group director Corporate ICT Van Gansewinkel Group
“I am very impressed and believe that this book could help a great many people a very great deal. Very inspiring. It was very useful for me. I used it in practice immediately  and also recommended the book to other people. I very regularly pick it up and study the examples again.”

Marketeer Theatergroup Max
“Fantastic. This book is a Godsend and everyone must read it! It has enriched me enormously and given me a new perspective on my work and personal life. I would like to read it again, and again, and again, etc.”

Director Aenergie
“Bravo! It is enormously appealing. A true pleasure to read. Very positive. Practical. It is easy to use it to analyze your own practices. I now find it easier to create a consensus between parties when facilitating negotiations.”

Professional Magazine Careervision (Richard van Dam)
“The reader is invited to look at themselves and feel what things do to them. This makes you more aware of what is going on in your head (thoughts and images),heart (feelings), belly (emotions and instincts) and body (physical sensations). I find it a pleasantly readable book. A brief and clear explanation of strengths that determine your (professional) life in 128 pages, without being woolly. Supported with recognizable practical situations.”

Strategic communication advisor Municipality 
The authenticity cannot be faked. I find this one of the most beautiful and insightful sentences in this book, which I read in a single sitting.  Wendy Hobbelink and Martin Thoolen described how you can achieve it in a clear and inspiring manner. They provide practical tips on how you can apply it in practice. They do this with the compassion, gentility and wisdom of people who know from experience that incremental steps and relapsing into old behavior are completely ok. The most important thing is that you go forward by constantly consciously choosing to ‘switch the light on’. If you do this often enough you will automatically make choices that improve your performance at work.”

Lecturer The Hague College 

“Finally a book that provides a complete picture of the dimensions that we deal with in work and life. After a clear outline of the most important items in the book, attention is devoted to the manner in which you can use this book to expand personal insights. Practical and especially effective exercises that everyone can use. Rijkdom is gratis (Wealth for Free!) (working title) opens both the shutters and the curtains so that I can see the entire panorama, complete with stepping stones at bridgeable distances.”

NBD Biblion (L.B. Struijk) 
“The authors, colleagues and consultants have developed a developmental philosophy on the deepening of awareness in order to handle the rapid changes in society more effectively. They distinguish, ego, soul and spirit in this awareness. Each of these three elements can make a contribution. The goal is for these elements to work in harmony with each other. They explain each element of awareness with examples, reflective questions and awareness exercises (in separate text boxes). They then indicate how everyone is capable of making this transition to more awareness. A beautifully designed publication due to the alternation of text, illustrations and cartoons on glossy paper.”

Actress and presenter
“A clear and powerful guide that offers insight into the origin of behavior and challenges everyone to achieve their full potential with passion and ‘connection’. Behavior is partially determined by your perspective on life:  based on your Ego…your Soul … and Spirit? Awareness of these 3 ‘leaders’ in life and free choice when searching for a balance determine how rich you feel. A clear explanation of each subject, with exercises and cartoons that can be used immediately. It is a lightweight book, so easy to take with you. A book that everyone should have read.”

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