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The book Dutch ‘Rijkdom is gratis!’ (Wealth for Free!) (Working title)’ is available at Internet stores such as amazon, bol.commanagementboek.nl or at your local book store. It can now also be ordered as an Ebook with the Ibookstore app for Ipad and Iphones. The full Englisg version is upcoming.

Price book:      € 20 (ISBN 978-90-819281-0-6)
Price e-book:   € 12 (ISBN 978-90-819281-5-1) for Tablets and smart phones
Price e-book:   € 12 (ISBN 978-90-819281-1-3) for E-readers
Authors:           Wendy Hobbelink & Martin Thoolen
Version:            Paperback, full color and bound and e-book
Publisher:        Circumference

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  • BOOK working title ‘Wealth for Free!’
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