Martin Thoolen and Wendy Hobbelink are the founders, sr.consultants/trainers/coaches of Circumference. They have more than 25 years of (inter)national experience in empowerment for organizations, teams and individuals. They are frequently traveling around the world to collect and share new inspirations. Both from psychological as well as spiritual and indigenous viewpoints. And translate them into tools you can apply in daily life and work.

Who are we?
  • Martin J.M. Thoolen MSc.

    Insight into people and organizations is a dominant theme in my life and is what continues to inspire me. That is why I decided to study ‘Clinical and Organizational Psychology’ and specialized in the development and implementation of training courses in organizations.  Read more

  • Wendy Y. Hobbelink MSc.

    How do you make clear choices and select a path that is appropriate for you? How do create a connection in the team? How can you do what you support and enjoy and simultaneously make a real contribution? These questions are at the heart of my work and my life. Read more

  • The founders of Circumference

    Circumference is founded by us, Martin Thoolen & Wendy Hobbelink. We have a vast and professional experience and share the same passion: to optimize the strengths, talents and effectiveness of individuals, teams and organizations.