How do we do this?

Circumference gives people new perspectives, experiences and choices. Awareness of behavior, drives and choices enhances personal and professional performance. We help people to increase this awareness with innovative and inspiring development journeys and publications. Providing clarity and depth helps people to connect with themselves and each other in a new way and to experience more authentic power and energy, which enables them to perform more effectively. By facilitating people in giving their lives and work meaning. By working on real connection with themselves and others, with attention to underlying motivations and practical tools and creating a long-lasting effect.

Innovative and inspiring
We are inspired by recent (scientific) insights. We are also driven to expand our horizons and break with conventions. This gives space for new and inspiring insights and tools that make a real contribution to the development and effectiveness of people in organizations. It has produced a number of results, including an innovative developmental philosophy (Ego-Soul-Spirit-triad©Circumference, see our book ‘Rijkdom is gratis!’ (Wealth for Free!) (Working title). The journeys for individuals and teams are clear, understandable, well organized and inspire immediate application in daily practice.

Clarity and deepening
We provide crystal-clear insight into choices, hindrances and possibilities. We zoom in on underlying drives that affect choices and effectiveness. Awareness of this helps individuals, teams and organizations to perform in a powerful and authentic manner, taking account of each other, the organization and the environment.

Real connection
We assume that everything is connected to everything. Awareness of this strengthens true connection with yourself, others and your environment. Ego success then transforms into success for yourself, each other, your organization and your environment. This means that the success and development of individuals, teams and organizations is not isolated, but makes a contribution to a better and sustainable world.

Authentic power and energy
We bring people into contact with their individuality and original talents. This generates energy and gives individuals, teams and organization a clear focus and authentic strength, thereby enabling them to enhance their performance and make it more effective in relation to themselves and their environment.

Long-lasting effect
Our journeys for individuals, teams and organizations are based on many years of experience, extensive study and proven insights. Our journeys and publications get the heart of the matter and recognize the natural development of individuals, teams and organizations. They are given insights and tools that enable them to continue on their new course, with long-lasting effects as the result.