A new world of deepening, authenticity and true connection

  • What do we do?

    We, Wendy Hobbelink MSc. and Martin Thoolen MSc. are the founders of Circumference. It is our passion to activate passion and authentic power in individuals, teams and organizations, increase passion and dedication, and enhance true connection with each other and the (natural) environment. By doing so individuals and teams work more effectively with spirit.

    Our means is to develop and provide seminars, workshops, inspiration days, trainings, retreats and (executive) coachings.

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  • Our vision, mission and name Circumference

    reviews-previewIn our vision people and organizations can create a world of deepening, authenticity and true connection by getting more aware of oneself. Awareness of ego, making space for passion and authenticity and clarity, will increase the personal and professional effectiveness.

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  • How do we do this?

    The foundation of our work is based on 5 cornerstones:

    • Innovative and Inspiring
    • Clarity and Deepening
    • True connection
    • Authentic power and energy
    • Long-lasting effect
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